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   News   11月 12, 2020  No Comments

実は先日ラジオ収録をしました。FM富士のyes!morningで明日11/13(金)朝8:30頃からカフェパパフェリースのインタビューが聞けます😊 もし時間があればラジオをつけてみてください。山梨で生産されたものを積極的に購入、消費することを応援するコーナーmade in Yamanashi でお米の紹介もさせて頂きました!
Recently it has been warm in the afternoon and some of the cherry blossoms at cafe Papafeliz were blooming. They thought it was already spring haha btw we will be broadcasted on the radio by FM Fuji. It is 8:30am on November 13th. They are promoting production and consumption of the local food. They named the segment “made in Yamanashi “ we introduced the rice we cultivated ! Plz check it out!



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